Sign up as a general volunteer

All skills welcome!

If you don’t fancy coming along to a P&C meeting but would like to help out with school activity or events from time to time, you could sign up as a general volunteer.

You’ll occasionally get an email or phone call asking for assistance doing jobs for example:

  • Photocopying letters to be distributed to classes (known as bag drops)
  • Helping out for 30 mins after school to set up an event
  • Sizzling a sausage at the annual Kindy Grandparent’s Day
  • Helping sort out the P&C cupboards before an event

If you are able to help out with various activities during the year, please let us know by completing the form below.

The P&C always needs volunteers to make our events successful.

Complete the form below and remember to click SEND




If you are registering as a volunteer at an event, click the Event Volunteers button here: