The school’s Tuckshop is open five days a week and provides nutritious and appetising food for students at recess and lunch.

The school Tuckshop has a commitment to serving healthy food. To support all children’s wellbeing the Tuckshop is ‘nut free’. Children with severe allergies should inform the school and the Tuck-shop.

The success of the Tuckshop depends greatly on volunteer parents and carers. Volunteers are always welcome. Please visit Craig or Karen at the Tuckshop if you wish to volunteer.

Tuck-shop Menu

2017 TUCK-SHOP MENU (pdf 271 KB)

Student Lunch Orders

Lunch orders can be placed in two ways:

Option One: You can order your child’s lunch online up to four weeks in advance at Munch Monitor. Ordering online costs just $3.50 per family per term. Lunches may be ordered every day except on the last day of each term.

NOTE: From Monday 31 July 2017, for HOT FOOD the tuckshop will ONLY accept ONLINE ORDERS. You will continue to be able to order all other food items and drinks using the traditional brown paper bag method.

If you wish to order hot food for your child, please establish a Munch Monitor account by following the steps below:

1. visit: https://www.munchmonitor.com/account/login

2. Enter username  ‘nsds‘ and password ‘munch2060

3. Click ‘sign up’

Option Two: Students can order their lunch by placing a clearly labeled paper bag (money amount, name, class and lunch order) into the classroom lunch order box.

Option Three: (last minute option for emergencies only) Paper bags and pens are available on a table outside of the canteen. The lunch order MUST then be taken and placed in the lunch order tray in your child’s classroom at the start of the day. Please add 10c to cover the cost of the paper bag for the lunch order if you don’t have a paper bag.

No tuck-shop staff will be available to assist with ordering before school.

Recess Food and Snacks

For recess food and snacks, the students can go to the Tuckshop and purchase what they need themselves.

Friday Coffee Shop

The Tuck-shop staff also run an after-school coffee shop on Fridays which provides an opportunity for parents and students to socialise.