This is a summary of how The Dem P&C supports North Sydney Demonstration School.

The P&C has three revenue streams:

1. Contributions from school families paid directly to the school as part of term fees

2. Profit from the 2 businesses run by the P&C  (Tuck-shop and Uniform Shop)

3. Fund raising events including the Harmony Fair, Spellathon, End of Year Festival, Parent & Carer evenings and the K to 2 Disco.

The P&C uses revenue to enhance the educational environment and educational progress.

The P&C wholly or partially funds:

1. Professional Development Days for the teachers and the Executive staff

2. Peer review exercises for teachers

3. The Real Engagement in Active Problem Solving (REAPS) Model.

REAPS: In today’s society it’s important that students develop the ability to solve multifaceted problems that they will later face in the increasingly complex world. Equally important is for students to understand that all problems have multiple perspectives and
involve stakeholder groups. The REAPS model is a learning framework that allows students to access learning content through the context of real world problems.

4. Reading Recovery Teachers for the early years of Primary School.

5. Learning Support Officers

6. The supply of technology to the classrooms – Smartboards, iPads

Example Initiatives

Please find below a selection of the larger initiatives that the P&C has funded in recent years. Note that the amounts listed are approximations only.

Pacific playground: The P&C funded two thirds of the complete transformation of this area ($80k+). The school funded the remainder with a contribution from KU.

iPads and Wifi: Once the second set of 50 iPads has come in, storage/charging cupboards installed, software selected and the wifi upgraded, the total contribution will have been over $60k.

Smartboards and replacements: All Smartboards in the school have been funded by the P&C (starting about 6 years ago) – a total investment of over $200k. Funds have been set aside to start replacing older failing ones. A cheaper alternative will be tested out by the school, potentially freeing up funds.

Teachers collaborative planning days: One day every term the teachers have a collaborative planning day (per year group). Freeing up their time to meet and plan quality learning programs is funded by P&C ($30-$40k).

Teachers’ aides: The school receives limited government funding for these much appreciated helpers. The school requested funding for 5 teacher aid days per week (about $30k).

School Hall improvements: Mainly to bring sound and light systems up to date ($20k).

It’s YOUR school… get involved…

Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates

Have your say at a friendly P&C meeting. Everyone welcome, refreshments provided. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved.
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The P&C always needs volunteers for jobs big and small. Help make our events successful and volunteer today. An hour of help can make a difference.
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Working Bee

Working Bee

Bring the kids and join our gardening working bee to help keep our school grounds clear of weeds and looking beautiful. Morning tea and lunch provided.
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