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Please feel free to contact us any time at communications@thedempc.com.au


Executive Committee 2020

President: Luke McElnea

Vice President: Lucy Sarto

Vice President: James Alcorn

Treasurer: Antony Giorgini

Secretary: Annette Jordan



Elections for the 2021 P&C Committee will be held on (TBD) 2021. All above positions will become vacant.


Annual General Meeting  

Wednesday, (TBD) 2021 at 6:30pm 

Demonstration School Library 


All current Office Bearer Roles are up for election at the Annual General Meeting.  


1 x President:

  • Responsible for the successful functioning of the P&C 
  • Chairing P&C meetings 
  • Overseeing P&C activities  
  • P&C spokesperson at public events and at the school 
  • Liaising with key Dem School staff as required
  • Liaises with sub-committees 

2 x Vice Presidents:  

  • The Vice President (ideally shared between two people)  
  • Supports the President 
  • Supports other Committee Members with Fundraisers and Events,  
  • Taking on independent projects as required 
  • Attending P&C and Executive meetings  
  • Taking minutes in the absence of the Secretary 

1 x Treasurer:  

  • Receives and deposits monies, manages investments 
  • Maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts 
  • Ensures all funds held and handled by the P&C are properly and openly accounted for  
  • Ensures all monies spent by Volunteers have been preapproved by the P&C and expenses are in line with budgets minuted 
  • Responsible for ensuring Insurance Policies have been managed and renewed 

1x Secretary:  

  • Prepares, in consultation with the President, all meeting agendas 
  • Attends P&C meetings, manages correspondence, writes and distributes the minutes of 
  • the meetings  
  • Maintains the official records of the P&C 


P&C Sub Committees 

The following sub committees will be discussed and leaders for each identified at the Annual General Meeting 


Tuck Shop (ideally 2 people)  

  • Provides oversight of the Tuck Shop business 
  • Provides assistance as requested by Tuck Shop Managers  

Uniform Shop (2 people) 

  • Provides oversight of the Uniform Shop business, and assistance as requested by Uniform Shop Managers.  


  • Ensures that the P&C is operating within the required legal and compliance framework. 


  • Ensures that the P&C is communicating effectively with the school community. 
  • Assists P&C members with online tools and social media to disseminate information. 
  • Conduit of information between P&C and School for newsletters etc 


  • Identifies opportunities to improve the school environment by working with teachers on new environmental initiatives.  
  • Organises working bees to improve the school environment. 

Events/ Fundraising:  

  • Oversees and organises P&C Fundraising and Social Events at the school with support of committee members and volunteers 
  • Coordinating with event groups or Year representatives to ensure optimal outcomes 
  • Actively promotes events assists with volunteers 


  • Identifying Grants appropriate for the school and managing applications.  
  • Works with different sub-committees and/or school executive/staff.  
  • Identifies suitable businesses to approach for raffle prizes and other fundraising endeavours. 

Inclusive Education: 

  • Promotes education that includes everyone, with non-disabled and disabled children, including those children with special educational needs learning together. 


To discuss any of the above roles, please contact the P&C at communications@thedempc.com.au