Overcrowding Update

Below is an update from the overcrowding group.
If you know of others that may be interested, then feel free to forward this (anybody can register for the mailing list on http://www.thedempc.com.au/overcrowding/).
At the end of this message you will find a few things you can do today to make a difference. 

Project Reference Group

Late in 2017 our overcrowding working group met with the project reference group at the school (principal, director, director for asset branch, heritage officer and representation from education infrastructure NSW). The formation of this group and the site visit are the early official steps that the Department takes to assess our situation. Of course they have many schools to visit and we understand these will be done early in 2018. However, we saw it as a good sign that they brought the visit forward and during the site visit it was acknowledged that there were not enough permanent classrooms nor an adequately sized hall. Several broad stroke suggestions were made where a new building could be located.
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